About Us

0Sarina’s Salon uses major brand concepts such as Kadus, Clairol, L’Oreal, Shahnaz Hussain Herbal Products, Esthederm & Thalgo and take pride in assuring our clients that they are offered nothing but the best products.

We offer intensive skin care treatments from the Institute of Esthederm to perform the magic of skin such as Aqua Cellular care & Molecular care with facial treatment, Skin polishing & peeling, pigmentation and whitening treatments, Eye contour treatments. Make up of every style from the high and selective brand of Make up forever to suit your need. Our body care ranges exclusively from Thalgo for the vital relaxation and Thalgomince Body Wrap for slimming maximiser. They also offer exclusive foot spa and full body spa treatments

Varied hair care is offered such as hair wash, haircuts, blow dry, massage, dandruff treatments, Colouring, Ayurvedic anti-stress hot oil treatment, Straightening, Perming, Hair Extentions & Hair styling to suit every occasion. Exceptional services like Esthederm Bio-Sculpt Bust Shaping Massage and Thalgo Bust Modelling Treatment are provided to customer’s satisfaction.

Trained Experts in body care treatments such as Moroccan Steam Bath. Body contour wraps, Body massage with G5, Slimming, Anti- Cellulite treatments, Henna tattoos, Nail Art, Spa Pedicure & Manicure gives you the ultimate feeling of relaxation.


Sarina’s Salon is owned and managed by Sarina Jean. Sarina is a successful entrepreneur who has been studying and doing research in the beauty business for over ten years. She is a certified holder accredited by the Ministry of Kuwait and completed her Diploma in Makeup, Skin and Hair care from the acclaimed Al Jothen Academy. Sarina has also attended seminars and workshops from well known brands like Kadus ,Clairol and Thalgo to keep upto date with the latest in the Industry.

In the contemporary times, people are becoming more and more conscious about the way they look. Providing people with a complete makeover, bringing the glow back to their skin is the main challenge for Sarina.

Sarina established her first private beauty salon, SARINA’S SALON in April 2007 which has been a success till date. Sarina’s Salon has a large and strong clientele, who are highly impressed and have appreciated the Salon for its quality, service, first class hygiene and the extensive beauty treatments that is provided.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way & glamour is essential to any woman. Being glamorous gives you confidence that you can take on the world. It also means being beautiful both skin deep and outwardly in a high fashionable manner. This is exactly what you are offered at Sarina’s Salon.


3My promise is to show you how to style and take care of your hair, skin & body the Sarina’s way. I love pretty hair, that’s clean and glossy which smells great. I love sensuous & fabulous skin and the silky smooth glowing body .

I like helping ladies and the best way I can do this is by showing them how to save time & money. Today’s women are so busy , taking care of their families & their official jobs – so time is of essence plus it’s very expensive to go to the salon all the time. So here I do my best to show her and tell her how to make the most of her beauty without spending too much time and money. So here goes the slogan “Where your glamour is recreated ”

Most Estheticians as well as Hair dressers don’t give out their secrets, but as far as I’m concerned, take mine…..they’re yours. I’ve been truly blessed in my life & I want to give back some of what has been given to me. I do this in my salon for all young girls & women out there and I know each of you will succeed

“I would like to invite all you lovely ladies to visit us for a free Consultation and also join our club on Face book to avail discounts and special offers on our products and services”