G5 Slimming Treatment

G5 Vibrating Slimming Massage
The G5 Vibrating massage is an excellent spot reduction treatment for hard fat on the stomach buttocks or thighs.
While you lie on the comfortable massage bed our Touch practitioner will apply specially formulated slimming oils to the area that is going to be treated and then administer a deep penetrating massage with the G5 vibrating massage machine.
The G5 machine applies a level of pressure and quick vibrating movement that human hands cannot match, whilst using textured massage heads of different shapes to maximise the treatments potential.
It directly attacks problem areas and the vibration penetrates and breaks down hard fats that have proved tough to shift.
Please note this treatment is most suitable for the reduction of hard fat and not cellulite. For cellulite treatments We offer THALGO Anti-Cellulite slimming sessions
For best results do not consume any meals for one hour prior to your treatment, and drink a lot of water after your treatment to help flush your system. ….Duration: 60 minutes