For one thing, it is so obvious. Rarely concealed by clothing, it is one of the first characteristics that other people notice about us. When someone asks for a description of an individual, here’s what usually comes to mind: “She’s a tall, blond woman, with long hair like a Viking”… “she’s a beautiful brunette”… “Medium built, dark, curly hair”… “an impressive shock of thick, white hair”… “light-skinned, with dreadlocks or cornrows”… “fat and balding”… “she’s a real redhead!”… “she was cute, with poufy hair like an ‘80’s rock star”.

Notice something common to all these descriptions of obviously quite different people? Sure, it’s the hair. Before eye color, nose shape, sometimes even before height and weight, people comment on hair: length, color, style, or the absence thereof. This is a large part of what we present to the world, like it or not. It is also inevitably present in our concepts of beauty.


  • Hair cut ( any style of your choice )
  • Shampoo, Conditioning / blow dry
  • Various kinds of hair styles, Hair do
  • Hot oil Head Massage / Henna Wax
  • Aloe Vera hair loss /  hair growth n shine treatment
  • Caviar Anti- Age Restorative Treatment Line
  • Kera Fibra Hair Treatment
  • Protein Hair Therapy
  • Collagen Hair Treatments for hair fall / dandruff
  • Permanent Straightening , Permanent Perm
  • Blow out Curls
  • Hair extensions  ( colors of your choice )
  • Ayurvedic Anti- Stress Hot Oil Treatment